Tod Foley is a writer, editor, game designer & technical consultant whose work comprises a Venn Diagram of Roleplaying Game Design, Publishing, and Interactive Technology.

Roleplaying Games: Founder/CEO of As If Productions and As If Books, Tod is the author of numerous roleplaying games and adventures, including CORE Micro (2020), UnNatural (2020),  Other Borders (2016), DayTrippers (2015), Watch the World Die (2014), and CyberSpace (1989). Curator/Webmaster of, a directory of indie RPGs and storygames.

Publishing: Co-author of several books on web development, including Tricks of the Internet Gurus and Web Page Wizardry for SAMS Books.  Senior Editor of PIX-elation magazine (1993-1996), and Curator/Editor of UbiquiCity (2017-2018).

Interactive Technologies: Designer/Director of the GII Award-winning online World of South Park for Comedy Central.  Producer of numerous online environments including KoRn KoRner (1998). Writer/producer of the live interactive theatrical presentation Ghosts In the Machine (CyberArts International, 1992). Developer of assorted MUDs and computer-assisted LARPs.

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