Whitehill is a dense district that extends into the hilly area to the South West of Union City. Though there are some parks and green areas in the district, it is predominantly covered with multi-family apartments, low-end shopping malls, and low-rent megatower complexes known as "vertical slums." The streets are narrow concrete corridors and are often more heavily populated by bicycles or pedestrians than motor vehicles. Crime rates are high here; organized crime owns many businesses throughout the district, both legitimate and illicit.

The area around Park Hill has recently undergone renovations and upgrading, but automated construction machines still work around the clock in other suburbs, clearing condemned buildings to make way for new vertical slums. Despite strict regulations and regular audits by municipal authorities, rumours circulate of apartments being demolished with occupants inside them. Census data of this district is often inconsistent, and accurate records are hard to find.

Locations in Whitehill

CRABB Protection Services

Whitehill offices.


An upscale entertainment club (for Whitehill), featuring shadowy alcoves, secluded meeting tables, an impressive holographic stage, dueling pianos, and live entertainment. The club is owned and operated by Lucio Rubino. Celebrities, executives, and rumored members of criminal organizations can often be found here, as Lucio is well-connected within the Whitehill Syndicate. Security is tight, and they take their velvet rope very seriously.

Municipal Police Department Substation

A contingent of Muni forces is stationed here at all times, mostly to patrol this area of Whitehill, which has recently seen corporate investment and a city grant. The presence of the UCPD within their district rankles the local DSF but there's nothing they can do about it: CitySystem attached the establishment of a substation to the terms of the upgrade provision.

Park Hill

A recently-renovated mini-district in southern Whitehill, where a mixture of corporate towers and new residential complexes sit beside a massive well-surveilled public park and a Muni substation. Park Hill Park is where Officer Nina Sessions encounters Vinny for the first time. He later takes her Uncle Sal's Pizzaria and Lucio's nightclub.

RayTek Mall Tower

This twelve-story center features products from all of RayTek's lines and divisions, from household furniture and appliances, to clothes, jewelery, décor, personal tech, hardware, software, and “Lil Ray” robotic domestic units.

The Pines

Apartment complex where Kat K lives, just north of the Park Hill region.

The Scaffolds

The busiest and most crowded market area in Whitehill, offering a huge variety of low-fash trashy goods and raucous entertainments. Scaffolding and gangways climb the walls like ivy, and vendor's stalls are stacked like building blocks. The place smells of spices, alcohol, cigarettes, and kelp. The live music and entertainment run a wide range of styles, attracting everything from punks in high-vis fash and mecha-holotars to corporate goons in StretchFit suits. “The Bottleneck” - a popular bar where Jacob Lancaster-Smith once hung out, is in this block.

Uncle Sal's Pizzaria

A dive pizza bar under the “protection” of the Whitehill Syndicate, where “Li'l” Sal Romano still makes pizza by hand, and uses (mostly) real ingredients. The place is located on the ground floor of a dual-use commercial and residential tower, and appears quite old (some would say “authentic”) inside.

Whitehill District Building

Local Government establishment for the district. Council members of the WHDC are rumored to be heavily influenced by "The Syndicate."

Whitehill DSF

District Security Forces.

Whitehill Tubeway Stations


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